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Teaching Crisis PR

Posted by Dan Keeney

Crisis PR can help to protect an organization or encourage long-term change. I stumbled upon the story, “PR Students Learn How to Handle Crisis for Clients,” in the Cape May County Herald written by Al Campbell. I am not 100 percent sure where Cape May County is, but it appears to be in Pennsylvania. Regardless, […]

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Sony’s Shrug Heard Around the World

Posted by Dan Keeney

I have recently started working with a new client in the data security space, so I am trying to refresh my understanding of this highly complex area of technology. I had previously done some work around information security for AT&T both prior to the acquisition by SBC and afterward. While only a few years have […]

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Trademark vs. Trademark

Posted by Dan Keeney

It seems like almost every week I run into some situation involving a trademark. Today I had a new experience. One of my clients asked me to gather some information about one of their customers. The customer has a product that just so happens to have a name that is identical to the name of […]

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Great Advice on Managing Online Reviews

Posted by Dan Keeney

Is your business active on Yelp? A number of my clients have experienced troubling online reviews that can unravel a lifetime of hard work establishing a positive reputation. For anyone who have sacrificed so much to build a business and succeeded against all odds to create jobs and provide essential services that customers gladly pay […]

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Hyper Targeting through Facebook

Posted by Dan Keeney

I spent this afternoon learning about the concept of hyper targeting and getting acquainted with Facebook advertising. It is something I’ve been intending to experiment with for some time after hearing client Ed Schipul describe how it gives the user the ability to drill down into highly specific profiles. For instance, the Facebook advertising tool tells you […]

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Change the Story if Bad News Piles Up

Posted by Dan Keeney

This morning’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram included the story of a young special education teacher who died over the weekend when her car was struck by a train. I read the story and wished that she had been profiled in life because she had touched so many lives. My wife read the story and the fact that […]

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When does “plausible” equal “likely”?

Posted by Dan Keeney

Reading the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this morning, I saw the story, “Injection well called ‘plausible’ culprit.” It reported on the conclusions of a study by researchers at Southern Methodist University looking into whether recent seismic activity in the area could have been caused by natural gas drilling techniques. They determined it is “plausible.” But the […]

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Small is the new big (that’s what he said)

Posted by Dan Keeney

I have been doing some work pertaining to online video and came across some great information from ComScore that I wanted to pass along. Many times clients want to hit a home run with an online video. It is understandable. When we get them coverage on the television news, they know that tens of thousands of people will see […]

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