2020 Resolution: Use This Blog

Posted by Dan Keeney
We Are Back in 2020We’re halfway through January and I already feel like I’ve dropped the ball on one of my 2020 resolutions: to bring this blog back to life. Well here it is, the first post in nearly four years! The blog didn’t go dormant due to any particular reason. Work was surely busy. I probably felt ambivalent about writing about public relations as our country was under attack and social media channels descended into a cesspool of misinformation and intolerance. But we’re back now and we know that the best way to defend Democracy is to advocate for transparency, hold up facts and shine the light on truth. I’ll also be posting about public relations, of course, and whatever else catches my attention that I think might interest you or somebody else. If you have thoughts, don’t hesitate to send post them here or send them along to be at dan@dpkpr.com. Cheers! Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
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