As of this Monday…I Don’t Like Mondays

Posted by Dan Keeney

As the lyrics to the classic Boomtown Rats song make clear, Mondays can be a real downer. I’ve never really felt that way before — I’ve always enjoyed getting a jump on the week. But today comes word from the story, “Howard Stern’s new shorter work week is beginning,” in that Howard Stern, one of the guilty pleasures of returning to the work week to catch up on all the pop culture and political happenings of note, will begin taking every other Monday off starting — wait for it — this Monday. Say it isn’t so!

So in Howard’s absence, I offer this video that has never been more appropriate than this coming Monday.

I won’t be among the many who bash Howard for taking additional time off. He is the best thing on radio and should do whatever he feels will make it possible to keep delivering great entertainment. Three days of the Stern show each week is better than a year’s worth of any other show currently on radio.

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3 Responses to “As of this Monday…I Don’t Like Mondays”

  1. John Doe Says:

    You’re assuming he’s taking Monday’s off. He’s not.

  2. rod Says:

    fa fa fo hi

  3. Dan Keeney Says:

    @John — Right you were and I’m happy to be wrong. So I don’t don’t like Mondays. Although after a night of storms and temperatures in the 50s, it is hard to be in a great mood on this particular Monday.

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