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Breaking News: Hours of Lecturing is a Turnoff

Posted by Dan Keeney

It’s been a rambling, monotonous and repetitive slog I’ve been trying my best to check in on the Senate trial of President Trump when I can. Every time I do, I am struck with how terrible the presentation of the case by the House Impeachment Managers has been. Assuming what we see on TV is […]

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Happy MLK Day 2020!

Posted by Dan Keeney

We at DPK Public Relations have been privileged to provide public speaking training to hundreds of organization spokespersons over the years. We often recommend reviewing some of the best public speaking examples from the past century. No single speech during the 20th Century shaped the lives of 21st Century Americans as did Martin Luther King […]

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Why Conversations about Climate are Stuck

Posted by Dan Keeney

As an alumnus of the University of Colorado, I do my best to keep track of the interesting work being done by faculty and students in Boulder and other satellite campuses. In the past few days an article in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine caught my attention. Titled, “Ditching the doomsaying for better climate discourse,” […]

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2020 Resolution: Use This Blog

Posted by Dan Keeney

We’re halfway through January and I already feel like I’ve dropped the ball on one of my 2020 resolutions: to bring this blog back to life. Well here it is, the first post in nearly four years! The blog didn’t go dormant due to any particular reason. Work was surely busy. I probably felt ambivalent […]

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I Stand with #HoustonStandsWithOrlando

Posted by Dan Keeney

Response to Attacks on LGBT Community Rally Community Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has announced a new campaign called, “Houston Stands With Orlando.” It follows the Orlando terrorist attack that targeted members of the LGBT community, leaving more than 100 dead or wounded. But I think it can be considered a response to the threats, bullying […]

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The Eight Dimensions of a Newsworthy Story

Posted by Dan Keeney

Impact Gives Way to Conflict and Shock Value When Determining What’s Newsworthy News is constantly changing and the factors that determine newsworthiness constantly evolve as well. The changes in what is defined as news and how that information is presented are primarily driven by shifts in the habits and interests of the community, and by […]

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Communicating NASA’s Year In Space

Posted by Dan Keeney

For more than a year prior to launching the Year in Space mission, I had the honor and pleasure of working with NASA’s scientific team. Our collective goal was to transform the highly technical and complex information underlying the mission into compelling and actionable communication that engages and mobilizes the public. It has been one […]

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Learn to Love Negative Accusations in Interviews

Posted by Dan Keeney

How a word association game can save you from the quicksand of getting defensive I enjoyed reading the article, “One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in a Media Interview,” by Tim O’Brien, APR. Tim was a close associate when we both worked at Ketchum Public Relations, and we continue to work together when […]

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