Happy MLK Day 2020!

Posted by Dan Keeney

We at DPK Public Relations have been privileged to provide public speaking training to hundreds of organization spokespersons over the years. We often recommend reviewing some of the best public speaking examples from the past century.

No single speech during the 20th Century shaped the lives of 21st Century Americans as did Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28, 1963. It is great to be able to share it with people researching how to structure and deliver ideas that engage and mobilize an audience.

In our Presentation Skills Training sessions, we often examine aspects of this speech and extract lessons for all presenters. Two very simple things that every speaker can do include:

  • Using repetition. Dr. King repeats key phrases such as “100 years later…” This can help to establish a theme, making clear to the audience those elements of the presentation that are important. Later, repetition is used with the phrases, “I have a dream,” and “Let freedom ring,” both of which are central to the story being told.
  • Creating pictures with words. By using opposites, as he’s done by contrasting “quicksand” with “solid rock,” he encourages the audience to follow along in their minds.

Learn more about our public speaking training at https://www.dpkpr.com/presentationskills/.

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