Make plans to participate in Beer Wars Live on April 16th

Posted by Dan Keeney

Most who know me are aware that I’ve been a craft beer fan for longer than I care to admit. Sure, my friends and I began our beer drinking swilling bottles of Miller back in the late 70s. But shortly afterward, we looked for a better beer experience. Thankfully, we lived in Colorado, where we had a few alternatives to Bud/Miller/Coors, such as Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve (“Hanks”), which became our beer of choice as we graduated high school. Once I moved to Boulder to go to college in 1981, I was exposed to Boulder Beer, which had just unveiled what was then their new building after acquiring an old 1940s era bottling line from Coors.

My friends and I were dumbstruck about the prospects of getting free beer tastings after a tour. We were in heaven! I still visit Boulder Beer whenever I visit Colorado. If you can find Hazed and Infused on tap anywhere, order it. Good stuff.

As usual, I’ve made what was intended to be a short plea into a too-long prologue. The bottom line is that I liked craft beers before they were popular and really get a kick out of the renegade spirit that continues to permeate the craft brewing culture. That’s a big reason why I am looking forward to the movie, Beer Wars, which premiers a week from Thursday with simultaneous screenings at theaters across the country followed by a closed circuit town hall hosted by economist and free market evangelist Ben Stein (“Beuler, Beuler”). 

Here in Texas, I’ve been involved in our own version of Beer Wars. One of my clients, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, is working with others in the craft brewing industry to change laws to allow brewery visitors to take some beer home with them. As the movie Beer Wars depicts, the beer industry here in Texas and elsewhere is politically manipulated by deep pocketed distributors who spread money around the legislative lobby like fertilizer on a Texas wheat field. Texas Watchdog did a great 3-part investigative series, “Beer drinkers could purchase direct from local breweries under compromise plan,” that should be must reading for anyone wondering how laws that don’t seem to make any sense, are anti-consumer, anti-business and stifle innovation and entrepreneurship get on the books and stay on the books.

Here is a listing of theaters participating in the screening on April 16th And here is the trailer for Beer Wars, which looks like a lot of fun:

Disclosures: As referenced, I represent Saint Arnold Brewing Company as part of my PR practice. They did not compensate me for this post. I also am a shareholder in Saint Arnold, but I own about one gajillionth of it, so don’t sweat it.

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6 Responses to “Make plans to participate in Beer Wars Live on April 16th”

  1. Dan Weitz Says:

    Right on, and thanks for the shout out. The first “craft brewery” to be able to lay the claim, we’re celebrating our 30th this year and hope you can make it to Boulder.

    We’re not available in TX because of antiquated laws (can’t say “beer” and “ale” on the same label — uh, our name’s Boulder “Beer” Co., so I guess we’re kind of hosed). I’d send you some Hazed & Infused in the mail, but that’s illegal, too.

    Enjoy the film!

    Dan Weitz, Marketing Director, Boulder Beer.

  2. Daniel Keeney the PR Counselor Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Dan. I have such great memories of Boulder Beer and I still have our original set of glasses from 25+ years ago. In those days, the beer had yeast in it and came with specific instructions on how to pour it to either “activate” the yeast for a fuller flavor or alternatively keep the yeast from getting into the pour (the glasses are only 11 ounces — so they were designed for a non-yeast pour), depending on your taste. When I was working at another PR firm, I helped Shiner launch its Hefeweisen with similar instructions a few years back.

    I had Hazed and Infused last summer in Steamboat. Down here we have Purple Haze from Abita and I had the two confused. Not a big raspberry-in-beer fan, so I don’t care much for Purple Haze. So I was beyond happy when Hazed and Infused turned out to be a hopped up IPA from one of my fav breweries.

    Enjoyed the profile on your brewmaster in Beer Advocate a few months back, BTW. Keep up the great work!

  3. Beer clubs Says:

    Usually the patter for a beer drinker goes like this: heavy quantity beer drinking in youth years and selective quality beer drinking in later years. Eventually we all become faithful to few strict beer brands.

  4. Havana Cigars Says:

    Have you tried San Miguel Beer? One of the best beers I’ve tasted.

  5. Daniel Keeney the PR Counselor Says:

    That is funny because I had the exact opposite happen when I ordered a Purple Haze at the Mellow Mushroom in Fort Worth and was very disappointed. I’m sure there are some who LOVE a raspberry infused beer, but not me. So the lesson is don’t be hazey when ordering a beer with “Haze” in the name!

  6. Make Your Own Beer Says:

    I too love a good craft beer. I seems like more and more these “niche” beers are becoming more and more popular. A lot of these main stream beers have lost (or never had) much taste, however I do love me some Sam Adams!

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